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Established in 1987, Ravimal Bags PVT Ltd is a leading bags manufacturer in Sri Lanka. We specialize in back packs, school bags, promotional bags, marketing bags and travelling bags. Majority of the production is being sold in Sri Lanka while 10% of the production is exported. We are capable of producing 2000 back packs a day in our two factories and various sub contractors if required.

Our main focus is competitive price and excellent quality and quick shipment. Our main factory, stores and showroom includes 5,000 square meters in a state of the art seven story building. We are capable of providing OEM and ODM services for any customer requirements.We enjoy abundant of resources and professional Workforce. We are in prime position to source any material customers require as we are also one of the leading importer of material for wholesaling in Sri Lanka from China, Taiwan and India. We are also authorized by Ministry of Education to provide bags for Sri Lankan school students under Health/Safety bag intuitive by the government.

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Yakkala Branch

Address: No.28, Kandy Road, Yakkala,
Sri Lanka

Phone: 0332232187


Ravimal Bags and Gifts Pvt Ltd.
No: 8/57, Yakkala Road,
Bandarawatte, Gampaha. Sri Lanka

+94 33 22 23159

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